Instructor Training (C.R.C.W.I.T.)

ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor Training (C.R.C.W.I.T.)

Become a ChiRunning® Certified Instructor to help others to enjoy running injury-free and effortlessly; treat ChiRunning® as your career and your mission by promoting this revolutionary running system to benefit more people.

The ChiRunning® Instructor Certification System has been continuously improved and improved over the past two decades, ensuring the integrity of each instructor and becoming a dual affirmation of running skills and training proficiency.

Take immediate action, join the ranks of professional coaches!

To become a ChiRunning® and ChiWalking® Certified Instructor Candidate

you should be experienced in the ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques. It is highly recommended that Candidates attend a workshop, or work privately with a Certified Instructor, before enrolment in the program.

Before starting the Home Study Course, you must:
  • – Attend a ChiRunning workshop, or work with a Certified Instructor within one year of attending the CRCWIT
  • – Submit Payment, Candidate Application, and a Non-disclosure Agreement
During the Home Study Course, you must:
  • – Complete 3 Online Quizzes (Quiz links provided via email)
  • – 40 Hours Studying ChiRunning & ChiWalking Materials (Study outline provided)
Then attend the Four-day, In-person Course.

The Four-day course includes two written exams and a teaching presentation.

After attending the Four-Day Course, you must complete the following for final Certification:
  • – Complete 30 hours of assistant teaching at a workshop with a Master Instructor or Senior Instructor
  • – Submit videos to your Master Instructor of your personal form, and teaching one other person (Details provided in the Instructor Manual)
  • – Submit proof of Professional Liability Insurance (we will provide you with a name of an insurance company we recommend)
  • – Submit proof of CPR certification within the last year.

Fee: RMB11,000(P.R.C.);
HKD12,900(Hong Kong) ;

(Remark: exclusive of transportation and accommodation)

Fee inclusive of:

  • – Instructor Manual
  • – 3 ChiRunning books, 2 DVDs, 1 Metronome
  • – 4 days practical training camp (with daily complimentary lunch and coffee break)
  • – Certificate of completion
  • – 1 ChiRunning Instructor Tee