Chi Marathon Program

Chi Marathon Training Programme

Chi Marathon takes a whole-body approach to long-distance running—much like T’ai Chi—making ease and efficiency of movement the prime goal of one’s training. Chi Marathon is a unique training program to focus not on building stamina first (though that is covered here) but on how to run all those miles without harming your body. A staggering 80 to 90 percent of marathoners face injuries during their training. This training program debunks the myth that marathoners need to push through and beyond pain, and presents a technique-based plan for pain- and injury-free, high-performance half and full marathons. Chi Marathon also shows how to improve your performance by developing your own race-specific training plan tailored to your event, and will help you cross the finish line feeling strong no matter your age, body type, or running ability.

  • – Run a marathon or half marathon free of pain and injury
  • – Transform your racing with the training triad: form, conditioning, and mastery
  • – Tap into your chi, an energy source more powerful and enduring than muscles
  • – Teach your mind and body to work together as a team and master your event

Entry requirements: Runners who have completed ChiRunning Essentials Workshop